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Technology is a wonderful thing. Rather than piss off my ex by exposing his tactics on FB, I can safely retreat to my blog, where he never dares to go! Perhaps he's afraid I may be having an affair--HA! As if ANY normal guy would want to be seen with me! I once told my daughter, "I'm not damaged goods--I'm waaaaay beyond repair!" Anyhow, once again, I digress. I'm venting because of HIM, as usual. Now, what sort of man wanders through the darkened house when everyone else is asleep and hides their belongings? I know, I know--a SICK, demented man, that's who.And Bob did it again last night! Maybe I should start popping Provigil (I'm fairly certain Dr B will write the script for me) and take it at 8 p.m. Then, I'll be awake when Bob makes his nightly rounds. It sounds funny, but I WAS NOT laughing a few minutes ago, in the shower--and saw he took the shower gel I had just gotten at Shop Wrong! I was furious! But the nice thing about "mad" is--One doesn't sense the cold environment when... (more)

doudoune ralph lauren .
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-c'est étrange, dit bussy, tu me conduis du côté des marais de la grange-batelière, et tu prétends que ce quartier est sain ? -oh ! monsieur ! dit remy, un peu de patience, nous allons tourner autour de la rue pagevin, nous allons laisser à droite la rue breneuse, et nous allons rentrer dans la rue montmartre ; vous verrez la belle rue que la rue montmartre ! -crois-tu donc que je ne la connais pas ? -eh bien ! alors, si vous la connaissez, tant mieux ! je n'aurai pas besoin de perdre du temps à vous en faire voir les beautés, et je vous conduirai tout de suite dans une petite jolie rue. venez toujours, je ne vous dis que cela. et, en effet, après avoir laissé la porte montmartre à gauche et avoir fait deux cents pas, à peu près, dans la rue, remy tourna à droite. -ah çà ! mais tu le fais exprès, s'écria bussy ; nous retournons d'où nous venons. -ceci, dit remy, est la rue de la gypecienne, ou de l'égyptienne, comme vous voudrez, rue que... (more)

Backyard Beeman
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This is a test to see what I can do. Wow. No room for pictures for free. You must upgrade. Oh, well. This site will never get off the ground.

Truth in Love
The Irrelevant Majority
Link: about.me/gideonsword The Irrelevant Majority Author: Matt Ward Source: RaptureReady.com A constant refrain when discussing issues of radical Islam is that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are not radicalized. I agree completely. The vast majority of Muslim men and women are people who just want to live their lives, bring up their families and make the most out of the short time they have available to them. Almost all Western intelligence agencies are unanimous in their estimates that anywhere between 15-25 percent of Muslims worldwide are radicalized. That means there are between 180-300 million radicalized Muslim men and women in the world today. It is quite right to point out that this therefore means there are 75 percent of the Muslim Uma who are not radicalized. (An overwhelming majority.) The problem is though that this majority is completely irrelevant. During the 1930s in Germany... (more)

Mac Bluray player
Macgo iPhone Cleaner Support
64bit iTunes

Macgo has announced its latest product release - Macgo iPhone Cleaner V1.3.1, which grows so much since last year’s debut, not to mention its support of 64bit iTunes today. As a thorough and safe cleaning tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, it has its uniqueness compared with other cleaning tools in the industry. Its simplified interface and easy operation will help users reclaim up 40% - 60% storage space by deeply cleaning useless files like off-line, corrupt and forgotten files, redundant app crash logs, temp, cache, cookie, and many other kinds of junk files. What’s New in Macgo iPhone Cleaner V1.3.1: 1. Support 64bit iTunes. 2. Improved running performance and loading speed of the program. It is well known that 64bit App usually run much faster than the 32bit one. To better compatible with the latest 64bit iTunes, Macgo has developed 64bit iPhone Cleaner to offer users better iPhone cleaning experience. Mac users can directly download and install Mac version.... (more)

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